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Vobis Law Firm has substantial legal expertise and experience


In order to realise a project, people have to work together. This cooperation goes under the legal form of a company or association. We are here to assist you from the incorporation to the winding-up of the company.

As a business, you need to know what model is most suitable for the distribution and marketing of your products or services. Vobis can assist you in this choice, in negotiations and the drafting of your agreement.

As a business, you create value that you want to protect as best as possible. Financial difficulties, either on your part or on the part of your client can cause considerable problems. If you are confronted with this, the key is to take the correct action in time to get the situation back under control.

Vobis has substantial experience with real estate. We are dealing with construction law, project development and financing, sales and letting. We represent all actors in the construction process.

Vobis assists businesses in conflicts relating to intellectual property rights. In today’s digital world people are increasingly being confronted with new challenges for their security and privacy.

Human capital is an important asset for businesses, that can become a considerable liability as well. Dealing with your personnel in the correct manner is an important key to a successful business.

Accidents, loss or damage unfortunately occur on a daily basis, both in our personal and our professional lives. Traffic violations and traffic accidents are a daily risk for everyone who participates in traffic. Whether as claimant or defendant, be sure to get legal advice.

These days the world of sports has become so professionalised, that running a sports club is equivalent to running a business. For the athlete him- or herself the financial interests are sometimes substantial, so that legal assistance is required.

Mediation in conflicts has many advantages. It is often cheaper, faster and the outcome is agreed and supported by all the parties. Our firm can act as mediator or assist you in a mediation.

Vobis assists Belgian businesses in their international expansion and assists foreign businesses in Belgium.


Gambling is as old as mankind. Nevertheless, gambling, lotteries and betting, online or otherwise, are more popular than ever. Do not leave the success of your business up to chance, seek the legal assistance of a specialist.