General Terms and Conditions

(Last updated on: 7 June 2020)

VOBIS is the brand name for VOF van Huffelen & Co (KBO 475.585.159) and BV Vigo (KBO 525.972.305), both companies having their registered office in 2100 Antwerp – Bisschoppenhoflaan 645 b. 3.

  1. All assignments are exclusively accepted and executed by ‘VOBIS’ subject to the explicit applicability and acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions. Derogations from these Terms and Conditions can only be made in writing.
  2. We carry out our work in accordance with the ethical rules established by the Flemish Bar Association (OVB).
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, our work is carried out for a fixed hourly rate, to be specified at the start of the assignment. The rates can be modified annually in accordance with index and market evolutions. Billing comprises our fee plus administrative costs (communications, photocopies, postage, etc. …), and expenses (e.g. bailiff’s costs, court fees, translations, …).
  4. Third party payments are to be deposited to our escrow account, that is non-interest bearing as funds must be available at any time. The office can set off escrow funds against invoices for expenses and fees.
  5. Our invoices are cash payable. Payment of the invoice implies acceptance of the related services.
  6. We are free to charge the client a retainer or to request payment of foreseeable expenses.
  7. We provide with our invoices or on request detailed timesheets and an overview of expenses
  8. In the event of late and/or incomplete payment of our invoices we reserve the right to suspend our activities until full payment of the outstanding balance. Interest for late payment of 8% per year, as well as a fixed charge of 10% of the outstanding balance, is owed without any prior notice of default.
  9. Insofar third parties are engaged in the execution of our assignments, any liability for shortcomings of such third parties is excluded. The client authorises us to accept any limitations of liability of third parties on his or her behalf.
  10. If you want more information or if you have a complaint you can contact us by post at our address (Bisschoppenhoflaan 645 b. 3, 2100 Antwerp (Belgium)), by e-mail (, by fax (+32 (0)3 355 23 63), or by telephone (+32 (0)3 354 30 70).
  11. The firm has professional liability insurance via the Flemish Bar Association with Amlin Europe NV, having its registered office in 1210 Brussels, Koning Albert II-laan 9, through broker Vanbreda Risk & Benefits under policy number LXX034899. The firm’s professional liability is limited to the amount that the professional liability insurer will pay out in the event of a claim (max. EUR 2,500,000.00 per claim). All liability is excluded in respect of the excess (20% of the claim with a minimum of EUR 500.00 and a maximum of EUR 2,500.00) and any higher loss is excluded. Said insurance covers the firm’s professional liability and provides worldwide coverage, subject to reservation of clarifications and exceptions included in the civil liability for attorneys policy.
  12. The client can terminate our contract at any time by notifying the attorney in writing. We will present our final invoice of expenses and fees to the client until that time. We cannot claim compensation. Upon first request we will return the original documents to the client. We can terminate our contract at any time by notifying the client in writing. By doing so the attorney must ascertain the possibility for the client to obtain necessary assistance from another attorney in time.
  13. Our assignments are subject to Belgian law. All possible disputes ensuing therefrom will be adjudicated by the Courts of Antwerp, Antwerp Division.