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Mission Statement

Navigating your way through the law in a complex world

Law firm Van Huffelen & Co changes to Vobis Advocaten.

Vobis is a Latin word meaning “for you”.

Under a new name and with a new website, more than 40 years after it was first established, law firm Van Huffelen & Co is looking forward to the future with hope and confidence together with our clients.


Business law in all its aspects is our “core business”. We will be straight with you : we do not have all expertise in any area of law, but we are specialists in our domain and will help you find the shortest path to a solution.

As a law firm Vobis can offer you more than 150 years of combined experience.

Knowledge sharing

Our “new style” website is a platform to be closer to you. We want to inform you more rapidly about possibilities, trends and opportunities. We will show you that every challenge is also an opportunity.
Vobis is happy to show you the added value that we can offer businesses and entrepreneurs.

Risk Assessment

Vobis does not want to sit on the sideline : we will inform and assist you, protect you, particularly from risks that are avoidable. Risk assessment is in our DNA.

We will be happy to be your guide in finding solutions, preferably by avoiding conflicts; every business owner knows that conflicts cost time and money. Conflicts can also damage commercial relationships built up over many years. Well-drafted agreements, geared to the particular subject-matter, inventive clauses and suitable concepts are key points that we focus on.

If a dispute arises, there are many possibilities for resolving disputes in a reasonable atmosphere reducing conflicts. Various attorneys with our firm have years of experience as trained negotiators, certified mediators or as collaborative counsel. The earlier you get us involved in your project, the better we can guarantee original and effective solutions.


We are also happy to provide you with the added value you deserve should you be involved in court proceedings. We are convinced that a clear strategic plan from the start is essential: what do you want to achieve, within what time frame and at what cost?

You rightly expect us to provide you with honest advice on the chances of your case succeeding, but also on the risks of litigation. As attorneys, we consider ourselves the first judge presiding over your case.

Efficient and transparent

By working with up-to-date and highly efficient IT systems and focusing on digital support, we are committed to smooth communications; in other words, communication that is faster, more efficient and thus less expensive.

As a client you want to know what the cost of a dispute or advice will be. We will discuss this with you. By means of inventive working methods and adapted remuneration systems we are sure we can find common ground.


Vobis has a team of more than 10 attorneys and 5 supporting staff.

We have preferential cooperation agreements with different colleagues or professionals, each an expert in a specific area. Their expertise is always available at short notice.


For any problem with international aspects we can easily fall back on a network of reliable colleagues within Europe and beyond. Together with a number of them we are active members of Eurojuris; with other colleagues, we have built up a bond of trust working together on cases with professionalism and dedication over the years.

For you

Because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand better than anyone what your needs and requirements are. Just like us, you want to focus on your core business. It is our job to take care of your legal concerns.

Vobis exists because of you, but also for you.

Vobis also works internationally. Many Belgian companies operate beyond the country’s borders. Conversely, many foreign companies are active in Belgium who want legal advice.

Vobis actively contributes to a sustainable society, with equal opportunities for everyone. At corporate level Vobis cooperates with the ‘Universiteit van Vlaanderen’ and ‘VZW De Vier Notelaars’.

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