Gambling is as old as mankind. Nowadays gambling, lotteries and betting, online or otherwise, are more popular than ever.

As ‘gambling’ is by definition a legal
concept and the statutory framework of gambling is continually changing and complex, the various actors in this industry need specialised assistance.

Anyone active in the gambling sector is continually being confronted with new legislative initiatives and ever-changing case law of the highest courts.On the other hand your activities are controlled by various authorities, the Gaming Commission, police and the public prosecution service. Any violations of gambling regulations often imply criminal law penalties.

Some of our attorneys are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of this particular sector. We are happy to actively assist machine traders, operators, café owners, amusement arcades, website owners, but also professional associations and machine manufacturers.

We can deal with your legal concerns so that you can fully concentrate on running your business.

This goes by providing advice and drafting appropriate contracts, but also by taking care of your administrative procedures with the Gaming Commission or the Council of State, or by conducting your court proceedings.

In addition, numerous other areas of law are relevant for the gaming sector, such as the law of obligations, employment law, IP & IT, privacy, real estate, landlord and tenant law, etc. Our firm has all the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you.

Some real life examples:

  • You want to obtain or renew your A, B, C, D, E, F1, F2, G1 or G2 permit or supplementary online permit (+). We help you with the application and communicate with the Gaming Commission and other authorities on your behalf;
  • You want to present your case to the Gaming Commission, for example following a negative recommendation of your city or municipality;
  • Your permit is refused due to a criminal conviction;
  • You are called to appear before the Gaming Commission in relation to alleged violations of the gaming legislation;
  • Your machines are seized or sealed;
  • You are being questioned by the police in relation to alleged violations of the gaming legislation;
  • Drafting of agreements between café and operator;
  • Conflicts between operators, for example relating to third party involvement in a breach of contract;
  • Drafting of agreements between licensees;
  • Review of your existing activities or new projects based on applicable gaming legislation;
  • As a business you want to run a promotional campaign on the basis of a tombola, giveaway or lottery;
  • A player damages a machine in your amusement arcade or café;
  • A player commits fraud on your website;
  • A player breaches the smoking prohibition in your premises;
  • As a manufacturer you wish to develop a new game and have it approved;
  • Drafting terms and conditions, privacy statement and cookie statement on your website;
  • Reviewing your activities and website within the framework of the privacy legislation (GDPR).